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Texture 315: Recycled aged timber beams

High resolution textures of naturally aged recycled railway sleepers

High resolution textures of recycled aged timber beams. This is a collection of twelve naturally weathered railway sleepers, ideal for heritage site restorations and environmentally conscious contemporary designs. They can be mapped on posts, beams, benches and other architectural and landscape elements, adding character, individuality and exclusivity.

Material: Recycled wood with natural aged finish.

The textures are NOT seamless or tileble. These are high resolution photos of twelve separate timber beams. Their best use is as individual maps on selected elements.
An alpha channel for easy separation of the beams from the background is included in the TIF file.

Choose the right resolution to suit your specific requirements and budget.
We offer this texture in high (4500 x 4500 pixels) and medium (1500 x 1500 pixels) resolution. Higher resolutions are available on request.

Dimensions File size Price  
4500 x 4500 px 49.4 MB (TIF) $15.00 US
1500 x 1500 px 5.6 MB (TIF) $10.00 US