cropped texture concrete Separator

Texture 322: Textured concrete wall


High resolution seamless texture of a textured concrete wall. Cement plaster is horizontally applied, creating interesting relief pattern with subtle colour variation.
The texture is horizontally and vertically tileable.

Material: Concrete, cement.

Real world dimensions: 5400 x 2700 mm / 216 x 108 inch.

Location: Fukuoka, Japan.

Choose the right resolution to suit your specific requirements and budget.
We offer this texture in high (6600 x 3300 pixels) and medium (2200 x 1100 pixels) resolution.

Dimensions File size Price  
6600 x 3300 px 23.1 MB (JPG) $15.00 US
2200 x 1100 px 2.7 MB (JPG) $10.00 US