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Stone texture 050: Drystone rubble wall cladding


High resolution seamless stone texture of drystone rubble wall cladding. Rusty colored limestone slabs with irregular shapes are laid horizontally, creating a contemporary wall finish with a delicate random pattern.
The texture is horizontally and vertically tileable.

Material: Tan colored limestone veneer slabs.

Real world dimensions: 4000 x 4000 mm / 160 x 160 inch.

Choose the right resolution to suit your specific requirements and budget.
We offer this texture in high (4500 x 4500 pixels) and medium (1500 x 1500 pixels) resolution.

Dimensions File size Price  
4500 x 4500 px 22.6 MB (JPG) $15.00 US
1500 x 1500 px 3.2 MB (JPG) $10.00 US