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Texture 326: Old reclaimed flat French roof tiles


High resolution seamless texture of old reclaimed flat French roof tiles. Weathered clay tiles covered with lichen and moss, accumulated over the years. Ideal for heritage building restorations and historic sites with medieval rustic atmosphere.
The texture is horizontally tileable.

Materials: Weathered flat clay roof tiles.

Real world dimensions: 8500 x 8500 mm / 340 x 340 inch.

Location: Luynes, Loire Valley, France.

Choose the right resolution to suit your specific requirements and budget.
We offer this texture in high (4500 x 4500 pixels) and medium (1500 x 1500 pixels) resolution.

Dimensions File size Price  
4500 x 4500 px 23.6 MB (JPG) $15.00 US
1500 x 1500 px 3.4 MB (JPG) $10.00 US