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Stone texture 000: Sandstone wall cladding - free sample

Free high resolution seamless tileable texture of yellow sandstone stone veneer

Free high resolution seamless stone texture of yellow sandstone wall cladding. Rectangular veneer slabs with strong layered pattern are laid in one-third running courses with thin dry joints.
The texture is horizontally and vertically tileable.

Material: Sandstone veneer slabs

Real world dimensions: 7200 x 7200 mm / 288 x 288 inch

Choose the right resolution to suit your specific requirements and budget.
We offer this texture in high (4500 x 4500 pixels), medium (1500 x 1500 pixels) and low (620 x 620 pixels) resolution. Higher resolutions are available on request.

Dimensions File size Price  
4500 x 4500 px 20.8 MB (JPG) $0.00 US
1500 x 1500 px 2.2 MB (JPG) $0.00 US
620 x 620 px 434.7 KB (JPG) $0.00 US